Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Diabetes and Television

Increased risk of diabetes (Type 2) is linked to watching TV (at just 2 hours TV a day). Another scientific fact to remember, when the average person watches 4 hours a day. It was a study involving 8300 adults from 6 medical institutions, and found "a deleterious effect of TV time on the risk of abnormal glucose metabolism in adults"

Reference "Physical activity and television viewing in relation to risk of undiagnosed abnormal glucose metabolism in adults." Diabetes Care. 2004 Nov;27(11):2603-9.

But also consider this which indicates more to TV than normal. The study showed that children's resting metabolism was reduced more than if they were to lie there and do absolutely NOTHING. See "Effects of television on metabolic rate" Pediatrics, 1993, 91

Here's a news article on it:

TV time tied to diabetes and early death

Keep updated for more scientific studies on the affects of Television (TV)

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