Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Helping people

Today's Hadith for my blog continues with the topic of helping people, since it is an excellent way to draw close to Allah Most High, and for dawah, love, unity and improving society. Note that it applies to sisters as well, since the nature of the Arabic language applies the word brother to sister as well, in this context:

Allah's Apostle said, "A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Resurrection . " (Bukhari)

So if you see a person in need, we should try to help the person for the sake of Allah Most High, and hope in His reward. Don't expect the reward of people. If they don't want your help, then at least you tried. 

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