Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Prophetic Cloak and Experts- Turkey

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf in the 2012 Rihla spoke about miracle of burda/cloak (which was worn by the Prophet in his isra wa l-miraj -heavenly journey) of Prophet in Turkey. He mentioned where some cloth experts studied the burda/cloak of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and were shocked and concluded that it must be from heaven and that they've never seen anything like it.

See al Jazeera's video:
The video is displaying a miracle, listen to it near the end. The Burda al-Nabi  was in a box alongside the Turban of Sayyiduna Uways al-Qarani, however the scientists and experts examining the two pieces found that the Burda al-Nabi  was free from any Bacteria, whilst the Turban did have some. This shocked the experts as both pieces were in the same box. 

This burdah is held in Hirka-e-Serif Camii. It is available for viewing in the month of Ramadaan only - and only after Zuhr for men (the times i went), thereafter for women. Google this name and you will see images of the Burdah (or hirka in Farsi) in a square-ish glass box.

Over the years, more and more immoral attire was being worn in front of these Holy Relics. The Curator and Director of the Topkapi Palace Museum decided that it was best only to show a few - so they re-did the whole section and put things in glass reliquaries to the side of the walls, whilst previously the area was bustling and bulging with artifacts. 

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