Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Yogi and the Sheikh

A yogi tried to convert sheikh Safi ad-din Gazaruni and told the sheikh 'come, show me your superiority!'. But the sheikh retorted 'you show me your superiority, since you're trying to convert me'.
So the yogi soared from the ground into the air, till his head touched the ceiling. Then he turned to the sheikh and said 'now you show me your superiority'
Then the sheikh turned his face to the sky and said 'O Allah, you have given this superiority to a stranger. Grant me some miracle of like quality'.
After that, the sheikh soared from his place and flew toward the qibla (to Makkah), then north, and then reversing himself, flew to the south, finally landing in his original place. Then he sat down.
The yogi was awestruck. Placing his head at the feet of the sheikh, he said 'I cannot display such power. I can only go straight up from the ground and come back down. I can't turn in mid-air and fly to the righr or the left, but you can turn in whatever direction you wish. This is Allah's work. It is divinely inspired. What I do is both false and futile' (source Fawaid of Nizam ad-din Awliya)

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