Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beauty and looks?

"If people put as much effort in purifying their hearts and character as they put in beautifying their external appearances, they would walk on water"

How many people look in the mirror daily and get sad or unhappy over their looks, or check how they look, and change their clothes, or see if their clothes are okay? Yet how many look at their hearts and characters to see if that's okay and if its ugly or beautiful and how they should improve?

If you say you can't see the diseases of the heart, then just count how many times a day you swear, shout/get angry, lie, show pride, look down upon others, backbite, insult others, become jealous of others etc.

These are things to reflect on, since Allah swt said:  [On] a day in which neither wealth nor children will be of benefit, except one who comes to God with a sound heart. (Qur'an 26:88-89) .

‎"The world is a vehicle for you. If you drive it, it will deliver you to your destination. If it drives you, you will be destroyed." Hasan al-Basri (Rahimullah)

Abu Abdallah al-Antaki said: “When even the smallest [particle of] certainty enters one’s heart, it fills the heart with light and expels whatever doubt there is in it. Consequently, the heart becomes filled with gratitude to and fear of God Most High.”

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  1. Masha Allah that was nice words. Jazak Allahu khiran!