Thursday, 12 April 2012

Islam is preserved every generation

The following Hadith serves to prove that the true Islam is taught (obviously by scholars especially) in every generation and century, and that no generation will be free of the true Islam.

 From the Companion Ibrahim b. `Abd al-Rahman al-`Adhari from the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) who said: "From every succeeding generation its upright folk shall carry this knowledge in turn. They shall repeal from it the distortions of the extremists (tahrif al-ghalin), the (mis)interpretations of the ignorant (ta'wil al-jahilin), and the pretenses of the liars (intihal al-mubtilin)."
It is a Sahih Hadith according to Imam Ahmad (as narrated by al-Khallal in his `Ilal per al-Khatib in Sharaf As-hab al-Hadith p. 29) and is narrated by a number of people with various chains. The Arabic text is given below

The Hadith proves the feminists, modernists, "salafis",  and liberal Muslim sects wrong since their teachings are often teachings that only arose in the 19th century and were never held before in the history of Islam and are thus bad innovations. If even 1 generation of Islam didn't have those teachings, then we know that sect is wrong.

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