Monday, 30 April 2012

A rare human- Sheikh Shukri Luhafi

A friend of mine posted this:
About the blessed visit to Shaykh Shukri al-Luhafi :

''Last month while I was in Syria and subhanAllah words cannot describe him, he truly is an ABDAAL, most humble, gentle and generous, caring, and much much more and he never said no to anything he is sooo beautiful. I learnt so much and i could not contain my tears. 

He is very poor yet so content with his life? Due to age he had difficulties trying to stand up yet for us he went all the way to the shops to buy us food.

If you want to know what a true servant is just look at him. Going to his house was so humbling and neither have i met a great awliya like him !

so simple his house, life, yet he is a beloved of Allah and he is an ABDAAL one state lower than the state of Qadir Al Jilani ? .

I saw so much just by being in his house and company yet he had nothing
He is so amazing May Allah bless him and protect him and provide for him always . Ameen .

Departing from him and his wife was soo difficult because they truly truly touched my heart . When you are in his house you are in heaven?..

He was in another state far beyond ours you can just see by looking at him how deattached to dunya he was and even though he is in his old age he was able to read from a book hizbul bahr for us . '

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