Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Caliph and true brotherhood

This is true unity, selflessness care and brotherhood/sisterhood/friendship, where are the real Muslims of today?:

“When Ghulam al-Khalil slandered the Sufis [of Baghdad] before the caliph, he ordered them to be beheaded. Al-Junayd [avoided this trial] by presenting himself as a jurist (faqih), for he indeed issued legal rulings according to the juridical school [named after] Abu Thawr, while others, including al-Shahham, al-Raqqam, and al-Nuri, were arrested. When leather mats were spread for their beheading, al-Nuri stepped forward.

The executioner asked him: ‘Do you know what you are stepping forward for?’ Al-Nuri responded that he did. The executioner then asked him: ‘Then what makes you hurry?’ Al-Nuri answered: ‘I’d rather my companions live another moment.’ The executioner was perplexed and reported the matter to the caliph, who sent the Sufis over to the judge to investigate their affair. The judge posed several legal questions to Abu 'l-Husayn al-Nuri, who answered them all. He then proceeded to say [the following]: ‘God has servants who, when they stand, they stand for the sake of God; when they speak, they speak for the sake of God.’

He said other things as well that made the judge weep. He then sent the following note to the caliph: ‘If these folk are heretics, then there’s not a single [faithful] Muslim on the face of the earth.’ (From the Risala of al-Qushayri

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