Monday, 11 June 2012

Being remembered in history

'Peace and salutation to Ibrahim! Thus indeed do we reward those who do right' (Surah Saffat v109-110)

Have you thought how tyrants and celebrities make tall structures or do big projects, or attempt to put pictures of themselves in every shop and house so that they can be remembered. Yet they're either forgotten, or remembered in a bad way, and insulted be future generations. What is Fir'awn remembered for? For building pyramids through the degradation of humans. What is Marilyn Monroe remembered for? For her depravity and having committed suicide.

Yet look at the righteous like Sayyidina Ibrahim (as), he was rewarded in many ways, including being mentioned by the SPEECH of Allah in the Quran, which is recited by billion Muslims, recited by many righteous Muslims, till end of times. His story of how he stood up for Islam, in the face of all odds and the people, is remembered in the best of books (the Qur'an). What a reward right?

Also, in a hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) reports that Allah said, “Whoever makes remembrance of Me to himself, I make remembrance of him to My Self. And whoever makes remembrance of Me in a gathering, I make remembrance of him in a gathering better than his gathering [ie. of angels].” [Musnad Ahmad]

So we should do things that will be remembered by Allah swt and by the righteous and angels, for generations to come, in a way pleasing Him.


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