Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sayyidina Ibrahim and the bird

It is said (don't know source or authenticity) there once was a little bird who lived in the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS. When Prophet Ibrahim AS was put in the fire by the villagers, a little bird saw what happened and decided to put out the fire to help Prophet Ibrahim AS. The bird scooped up water from the river but it was not enough because the bird's beak was small. Larger birds in the vicinity watched and laughed at the little bird and they said " Why are you carrying the water? "
The little bird said " To put out the fire around Prophet Ibrahim AS "
The larger birds continue laughing. "How could you put out that fire with such a small amount of water? It is pointless"

Do you know what the little bird replied?

"I am sure Allah will not asked me whether I manage to put out the fire or not.But Allah will ask what have I done to stop the fire"

Hearing the answer, all the larger birds are silented.

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