Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Prophet on Planes hadith

Imagine if you were 1500 years ago, in desert, with very little technology and science. Would you then be able to describe planes with much detail? Would you even be able to make predictions that humans would make flying machines? You would probably would say "no", since there was no automotive technology or engines, or any transport like it. People for 1 million years were using horses, boats and other animals to travel. Then how is it possible that an unlettered man (couldn't read or write) was able to stand in a desert and describe future technology in great detail. For 1 million years, the form of transportation was limited to horses, other animals and boats. Through divine inspirations the Prophet SAW was able to describe planes in detail (and its not like the stuff you'd think when seeing a bird by saying "oh my flying machine would have feathered wings, and a birdy nose, for air resistance). 

Hadiths (sayings) of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) were very accurate in predicting many things in the future, including planes (Sheikh Hamza Yusuf mentioned that one hadith spoke about the Dajjal riding a "donkey made of iron". This though iron wasn't used for vehicles at the time). 

The Prophet said:

"The Dajjāl uses a special kind of donkey possessing two enormous ears, each of which is at least 30 arms-lengths, moving in the skies, with the clouds so near he can reach them with his hand and it travels faster than the sun going to its sunset." (Mentioned in Kanz ul-`Ummal and `Uqd ad-Durrar, Imam al-Maqdisi.)

Another hadith mentioned that the Dajjāl’s donkey moves with a very high speed over land, oceans and skies. Its color is very white l
ike the moon. Between one step and another is like the walking of a day and a night. (in Fayd al Qadir, al Manawi) 

These are clear descriptions of an airplane where the ears are the wings and the color described, aqmar, means pearly like the moon – the color of many aircraft today.

The part about eating rocks, maybe a reference to modern day exploration & extraction of oil (oil can come from rocks too and other energy resources. The part about fire emerging, can refer to jet planes, especially fighter jets that emit fire (jet engines burn fuel) and smoke from the opening at the back (see below).

Allah swt knows what size the planes in the future will be. Perhaps with the running out of oil, they may even use other "rocks" as fuel, maybe uranium. Technology changes over time

So these are all, some of the proofs of the truth of Islam, all praise be to Allah swt!

1)  source is Hakim,

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