Friday, 8 June 2012

The Poor and the Pot

Sheikh Muhyi ad-Din Ibn Arabi (RA) said: "We were once invited by some of the poor to a meal in Ziqaq al-Qanadil in Cairo, where a number of shaykhs gathered. There was so much food that the vessels in which it was served could hardly hold it all. Among these was a new glass pot which had been acquired for use as a urinal but which had not yet been put to use. The host was dipping the food out of it, and as the group ate, it said, "Now that Allah has honoured me by allowing such noble souls to eat from me, never will I allow myself to be a place of offense," whereupon it broke in two. 
"Did you hear what the pot said?" I asked them.
"Yes, we did," they repied.
"What did you hear?" I asked.
In reply, they repeated the words above.
"It [also] said something else," I told them.
"What is that?" they queried.
I replied, "It said, 'So it is with your hearts: Now that Allah has honoured them with faith, never again allow them to be the site of the impurity of disobedience and love of the world. Allah has given you and us understanding from Him and the ability to receive His disclosures thanks to His grace and bounty." (From "Subtle blessings" book by Ibn Ata Allah)

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