Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fatiha contains whole Qur'an

Ever heard that the Fatihah contains the entire Qur'an? Ever wondered how? There are many explanations; here's one I liked! as-Suyuti quotes al-Fakhr ar-Razi as saying:

"The purpose of the Qur'an can be explained in terms of four matters: [1] matters of Divinity; [2] The Afterlife; [3] Prophethood; and [4] Demonstrating destinty and decree. [In the Fatihah, Allah says]: "All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds". This pertains to Divinity. His saying: "Owner of the Last Day" pertains both to negating coercion [and hence, establishes human free-will] as well as proving that everything is under the decree of Allah. His saying: "Guide us to the straight path" until the end of the Fatihah pertains to demonstrating the divine decree of Allah, as well as matters of prophethood. Thus, [Surat al-Fatihah] encompasses all four points, which in turn indicate the primary purpose of the sending of the Qur'an." (Thanks to Suleiman AlMuslim)

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