Friday, 16 March 2012

Current Syria in Hadiths?

Syria is hot in the news, and I noted a very interesting scholarly discussion on the possibility that what is happening in Syria is reflected in the following Hadiths:

Ibn al-Musayyib said: “There will be a tribulation in Shaam (which includes Syria), its beginning will be that of children’s jesting (playing).  It will flare from one side and be still from another. It will not end until a caller calls: Indeed your leader is So and So...  (Musannaf Abdur Razzak)

The commentator of the Musannaf adds  another narration, where Talha ibn UbaidUllah said: There will be a tribulation that will not calm down from one side except that it will flare up from another. [It will remain such] until a caller calls from the heavens: ‘Your leader is so and so.” (Tabarani)

The commentator says: “leader” here refers to the Mahdi.

CBS news has this following article titled:

How schoolboys began the Syrian revolution

Allah Most High knows best

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  1. Are there not also ahadith relating to yemen and khorasan? I remember being told about these but I am not sure of the source or the authenticity.

    May Allah make it easy for the people of Syria.