Friday, 9 March 2012

Insight Southampton
I bought my tickets to the insight event on dealing with issues of family. It has Wardina Safiyyah and Syeikh Marwazi bin Dziyauddin, both speakers are qualified to speak on the topic (one in psychology and the other as a scholar). I think it is very important that such issues be addressed publicly and seriously so I think that the people organising it should be congratulated mashaAllah.

The rise of the Western dominance over the Muslim world has meant that the family structure of the current Western world has been imported by the Muslim world. Such aspects include the smaller family structures, increased individualism, decreased religiosity, increased methods of haram relationships (like dating, boyfriends/girlfriends) and so on.

And since deals with the present and future of the Muslims, the problem affects us greatly and should be dealt with professionally and seriously, with Islam being the referent point, and with modern science, history and experiences giving an additional input. For example the wisdom of Islamic gender interactions is supported by the fitna caused by the entertainment industry. Another example is  modern psychology showing how genders are attracted by certain things, and their affects, shown by the fact that the mental skills of men fell when near women.

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