Sunday, 25 March 2012

Muslim Characters part 3- Muslim Lion Comedy

The Hidden Muslim- no one knows he's Muslim. He keeps a low profile is paranoid and doesn't pray, in case he's found out and arrested by the MIA (Muslim intelligence agency). He says 'don't call me Mohammed, call me Mo'. 

The Cultural- wears hijab for cultural reasons, often awra (like legs or chest, or even hair showing). She says 'Islam is in the heart, not about praying, even if I hate other people'. This though the Prophet said "'Islam is that you witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (SAW) is the Messenger of Allah, and you establish the prayer, and you give the Zakat, and you fast Ramadan, and you perform the hajj of the House if you are able to take a way to it." (Muslim)

Jumu'ah in snow Kazakhstan

The boss- orders everyone around and expects to be followed, as if he's divinely ordained as the boss. He says 'Aslan sweep the prayer hall, Mo kill the coakroaches, sisters clean the kitchen'!

The old- seems to have been at university since the uni opened. He never seems to finish his PhD, or seems to do many PhDs and degrees. He says 'back in the days, I was the only Muslim, I worked hard to make this prayer hall and then you come and make it dirty!'

The charitable- seems to be involved in every charity project and initiative. Its basically his life, and he has a big heart and sincere concern. He says 'are you coming to the save the palestinians protest? The Muslims need help too! And so do the pandas, and the little muffin women, and the refugees, and the Kashmiris, and the fairies! Ah so much to do!'

The political- much concerned about the modern political climate and wants to peacefully change things. He says' the kuffar have enslaved the Muslims, we must save the Muslims, free free Muslims!'

The worshipful- whenever he is seen, he is praying. A watcher asks 'how does he still manage to come first in his class?'

The da'ee (inviter to Islam)- really enthusiastic about the religion and wants to give everyone the chance to experience the peace and beauty of Islam, and save them from hell. He says 'you can get everything you can dream and wish for, if you just obey Allah in Islam. How many brothers and sisters do you have? only 2, ah! You can have 1.3 billion!'

The superficial- focuses too much on appearance, putting lots of make up and perfume whilst neglecting purification of the heart. She says 'how do I look today? Don't I look awesome, such that you want intensify your gaze in front of me?'.  This though the Qur'an says "
Adorn not yourselves with the adornment of the Time of Ignorance." (Qur'an, 33:33)

The competitive- copies and tries to beat whatever everyone else has done. He says 'oh he climbed ben nevis? I'm going to climb 3 mountains in a day now'

The doubter- has extensive doubts about Islam and life, and tries to confuse others. People wonder why he hasn't committed suicide. He says 'there's no proof for our existence'.

The confused- doesn't know what to follow. He says 'why can't Islam be black and white, like art?  
The nasheed wannabe- tries to impress girls by forming a nasheed boy band and opting to give the adhaan in a nasheedy, beautiful voice. Randomly busts tunes when girls come, such as “you can take meee, but you can’t eat meeee, yah!”

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